Research on communication and cognition in social interaction

Principal Investigator - Prof.ssa Renata Galatolo


By adopting the methods of Conversation Analysis and Discursive Psychology, the team investigates communication and cognition within social interaction in institutional and ordinary settings, and specifically health care, juridical encounters, Paralympic sport activities and family interaction.

 Current research concerns the following topics:

  • practices of expressing and describing pain in medical examination;
  • design and sequential organization of instructions in the context of visually impaired rock climbing sessions;
  • touching practices and haptics in interactions involving participants with physical and sensory impairments;
  • practices for socializing children with moral and cultural values in family encounters.

The team adopts a qualitative research approach which entails ethnographic fieldwork and the recording of naturally occurring social interactions.

Besides conducting research and teaching activities, the team is involved in the publication of research outputs on Italian as well as international journals and in establishing and improving scientific cooperation with a view to future training courses, scientific conferences and research programs, both at local and at international level.

Staff members

Roberta Lorenzetti

Associate Professor

Luisa Lugli

Associate Professor

Gianluca Marzola

PhD Student

Claudia Scorolli

Associate Professor

Monica Simone

Adjunct professor

Research fellow

Caterina Villani

Teaching tutor

The team is already engaged in several academic collaborations, that include the following research groups and university departments:

  •  Laboratoire ICAR-CNRS, Lyon (France);
  • Universitè de Lorraine (France), Prof. Luca Greco;
  • Portsmouth University (UK), Department of Psychology, Prof. Alessandra Fasulo;
  • “Sapienza” University of Roma, Department of Social and Developmental Psychology, prof. Marilena Fatigante (Laboratorio Interazione e Cultura LinC);
  • University of Bologna, Department of Education Studies “Giovanni Maria Bertin”, Prof. Letizia Caronia;
  • University of Bologna, Centre of Research on Ethics, Culture, Epistemology and Language (CRECEL).

ERC panels

  • SH4_9 – Use of Language: Pragmatics, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis;

  • LS7_9  - Health services, health care research;

  • SH4_5 – Social and Clinical psychology;

  • SH2_3 - Kinship, cultural dimensions of classification and cognition, identity, gender.