Logic and the philosophy of science

Research in Logic and the Philosophy of science are about, from a theoretical and a historical point of view, the organic connections between philosophical investigation and scientific knowledge; logic and its specific methods; the logical structure of natural languages; computation and communication; the epistemology and representation of knowledge; the methodological and foundational issues peculiar to single sciences closely related with their development.

The main lines of logical-epistemological research in FILCOM Department are, among others:

  • contemporary views on causality;
  • epistemology of artificial sciences and cognitive science;
  • epistemology of artificial intelligence and robotics;
  • philosophy of physics, mathematics and symbolic forms;
  • philosophy of life sciences;
  • theoretical, explanatory and causal pluralism;
  • modal propositional and quantified logics: generalization of Kripkean semantics and proof theory;
  • cognitive modeling of reasoning and theories of rationality;
  • modeling, with particular reference to philosophy of medicine and psychiatry;
  • morphology of spacetime;
  • spaces and methods for artistic and scientific representation;
  • proof theory for classical and non-classical logics;
  • theory of representation and computability for topological spaces;
  • quantum theory of computation and information;
  • theories of scientific explanation.


keywords: Interpretive semiotics, Semiotics of culture, Cognitive semiotics, Demarcation problem, Expertise problem, Sociology of
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Martina Bacaro

PhD Student

Research fellow

keywords: Human-Robot Interaction; Philosophy of cognitive sciences; Enactivism; Cognitive Semiotics; Epistemology of robotic
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Francesco Bianchini

Associate Professor

keywords: Analogy, Philosophy of cognitive science, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of science, Cognitive modeling, Analogical
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Raffaella Campaner

Full Professor

keywords: scientific laws, explanation, mechanicism, causality, biomedical sciences, invariance, causal pluralism, counterfactual
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Silvia Camporesi

Research fellow

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Aldo Gangemi

Full Professor

keywords: Semantic Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Engineering, Natural Language Processing, Semantic Web,
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Daniele Molinini

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

keywords: Philosophy of mathematics, Philosophy of physics, History of mathematics, Mathematical explanation, Applicability of
keywords: Semantic web, Knowledge extraction, Knowledge representation
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Alberto Rinaldi

PhD Student

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Antonella Tramacere

Research fellow

keywords: Philosophy of cognition, philosophy of mind, philosophy of biology