Department governing bodies

Head of department - Prof. Giovanni Matteucci

The Head of department is normally an ordinary professor of the Department, remains in office for three years and is renewable once. He’s elected by the department board.

He shall appoint a Deputy Director, who shall be responsible for his duties in the event of his absence or inability to attend.

The Head of department shall:

  • it has the functions of guidance, initiative and coordination of the scientific and educational activities of the Department;
  • be responsible for implementing the decisions taken by the collegiate bodies;
  • directs and coordinates the administrative technical staff on the basis of the provisions of the Rules of Organisation;
  • supervises the research activity, taking care of the evaluation, and the distribution of teaching tasks among professors and researchers of the Department, according to the university guidelines on teaching programming and supervises the accomplishment of these tasks

The Council of Department

The exclusive competence of the Department Council.

The Department Council is composed of:

  • by the Head of department, who presides over him
  • by its professors and researchers
  • by the Administrative-Management Manager, who assumes the function of Secretary
  • by elected representatives of administrative technical staff representing at least 10% of professors and researchers
  • by elected student representatives representing 15% of professors and researchers
  • by elected representatives of research assignees in numbers of 1 to 3

Among the students' representatives, two students are from the third cycle.

The representatives of the technical administrative staff, the research assignees and the students are elected with a vote limited to the individual members, according to the modalities defined by the Regulation of the Department and the General Regulation of the University.

The exclusive competence of the Board, as defined by the Regulation of the Department:

  • research and teaching plans
  • the proposed budget
  • the planning of staffing needs and proposals for the coverage of professor and researcher posts
  • the wording of the call proposal for professors and researchers,
  • the proposal of activation, deactivation and regulation of the Study Courses
  • participation in the Schools
  • the subscription ex art. 19 bis
  • attribution of the award of the contract

The Board of Directors

The Board assists the Director and exercises deliberative functions on all matters and matters that are not within the exclusive competence of the Department Council.

Make up the Board:

  • the Head of department , who presides
  • the Deputy Head of department 
  • the Head of the Office Organisational Units, where present the administrative-managerial manager, who assumes the functions of secretary
  • a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 9 professors and researchers, with an equal composition between the groups and such as to ensure the representation of professors and researchers in the different places of employment. This representation can be integrated up to a maximum of 3 professors and researchers according to modalities regulated by the Department Regulation
  • 1 or 2 representatives of administrative technical staff elected from among the members of the Department Council
  • two representatives of students elected from among the members of the Department Council

The rules of operation of each Department may provide that the Board is also composed of 1 representative, with the right to vote, of the research assignments in the Department Council.

The term of office of the Board is three years and coincides with that of the Head of department .