International mobility news

Important update: training offer guaranteed for the Autumn Semester 2020/2021

Concerning international students who intend to spend a period of study at FILCOM, the Department inform that it will guarantee all the teaching and training activities, at least online, for the entire Autumn Semester 2020/2021.

Scholarships and fees exemptions for international students

Useful information for scholarships and fees exemptions devoted to international students: 

Calls for mobility programmes

Coronavirus updates: calls for thesis abroad –1st of April 2020

In accordance with recent national guidelines, all forms of international mobility are currently suspended at the University. Consequently, mobility aimed at writing the final dissertation abroad is also currently suspended. Therefore, this year's call for mobility for research abroad, whose deadline was originally set for April 17, 2020, is officially suspended until a later date.

Students who won the last edition of the FILCOM call for thesis abroad and are currently in a foreign country are invited to contact the DIRI University offices and arrange for their return to Italy. Subject to agreement with the host University, if there is sufficient time before the discussion of the final paper, students may resume their stay abroad once the emergency is over.

Winners of the announcement who have not yet left for the foreign destination may defer their mobility period, always subject to agreement with the foreign office. This is conditional on that the new mobility period is allowed by the host University and is compatible with the completion of the degree thesis by the time limits imposed by the University of Bologna.