SeRiC - Seminario Ricerche in Corso del Dipartimento: "Fragmentation and Information Access"

L'ospite di questa sessione è Visiting Professor del Dipartimento

  • Data: 18 febbraio 2020 dalle 13:00 alle 15:00

  • Luogo: Sala Rossa - via Azzo Gardino 23

Partecipanti: Augustín Rayo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

In order to predict and explain behavior, one cannot specify the mental state of an agent merely by saying what information she possesses. Instead one must specify what information is available to an agent relative to various purposes.

Specifying mental states in this way allows us to accommodate cases of imperfect recall, cognitive accomplishments involved in logical deduction, the mental states of confused or fragmented subjects, and the difference between propositional knowledge and know-how.

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