PSSD - Department Development Strategic Project

(2019 – 2023)


The PSSD general aim is to promote the development of the Bologna University Departments in terms of long-term planning, within the context of quality-related processes and in line with the Bologna University Strategic Plan.

The project intends to positively affect the elements of weakness and develop the potential for the improvement of individual departmental structures, increasing their overall performance.

FILCOM has identified the following areas of development:


  • Identification of a research topic broad enough to include the varied competences of the department and to exploit the contribution brought by the different approaches
  • Encouragement of mixed Research Groups in accordance with the growing request of interdisciplinarity by funding institutions such as EU and MIUR
  • Establishment of the research center Knowledge and Cognition (link when active)
  • Activation of two post-doc fellowships on interdisciplinary topics.
  • Planning of an international Summer School, scheduled for 2020 (link when active)


  • Enrichment of the didactic proposal thanks also to a high-level seminar activity
  • Activation of PSCS PhD scholarships 
  • Active participation in the European Phd Net


  • Establishment of a specific call that provides a grant for short periods for attracting international scholars
  • Increasing the mobility of incoming/outgoing professors and researchers in accordance with UNA Europa targets
  • Provision of funds to increase the outgoing mobility of the Department's staff


  • Two new professionals will be joining the TA staff to support research and IT services
  • Funds for the technological modernization of two conference rooms
  • Purchase of software aimed at research purposes

Monitoring activities are carried out by the Research Commission


2019 – 2023

Scientific Coordinator

Carlo Gentili (Head of the Department)


€ 1,518,750 overall budget; 70% must be aimed at recruiting staff.