Experimental neuropsychology lab

Head - Prof. Roberto Nicoletti

The research carried out in the Experimental Neuropsychology Lab is aimed at studying the neuropsychological processes underlying human behaviour through the investigation of models. These research topics are addressed by focusing on aspects of experimental neuropsychology and through the measurement of psychophysiological parameters (such as pupil dilation).

 The research topics addressed focus on:

Study of perceptual-motor processes involved in attentional orientation:

  • Spatial compatibility Stimulus-Response and the Simon effect;
  • Interaction between emotions and gaze orientation;
  • Processes of shared action and social attention;
  • Association between spatial attention and numerical processing.

Study of the mechanisms underlying truthful and deceptive behaviour

  • Investigation of the relationship between spatial incompatibility and deception;
  • Role of pupil dilation in lying.


Lab facilities

  • Eye tracker device  to record ocular parameters;
  • Instrumention to implement and to process surveys and ratings;
  • Computer with E-prime software to implement experiments and to record behavioural parameters, such as manual and vocal responses;
  • Computer with Matlab, SPSS and R software for data processing and statistical analyses.


The lab implements the following teaching and training activities

  • Supervision of first and second cycle degree dissertations.
  • Supervision of PhD research projects.