Cognitive psychology lab

Head - Prof. Roberto Nicoletti

The research carried out in the Cognitive Psychology Lab concerns the study of cognitive processes underlying human behaviour, in particular how information from the external world is acquired and processed.  Our work is focused on the investigation of different aspects of perception, attention, memory, thinking and language.

The research topics addressed focus on:

Embodied cognition

  • Processing and representation of concepts and influence of language in categorization processes;
  • Numerical cognition and motor system;
  • Inter-cultural differences.

Cognitive Ergonomics

  • Analysis of the different types of affordance, considering daily life objects and artifacts;
  • Study of interfaces usability and interaction systems.

Lab facilities

  • Touch screen computer to track motor parameters;
  • Computer with E-prime software to implement experiments and to record behavioural parameters, such as manual and vocal responses;
  • Database of emotional and neutral Stimuli (images and words);
  • Computer with Matlab, SPSS and R software for data processing and statistical analyses.