Passions and politics

Scientific coordinator - Prof. Riccardo Caporali

Research Topics

The research group (which adheres to PRIN 2010-2011, national coordinator prof. Franco Biasutti) intends to develop the relationship between mind and body from a historical-reconstructive, theoretical-argumentary and applicative point of view with particular reference to three thematic nuclei belonging to the sphere of applied ethics:

  1. end of life issues
  2. the new frontiers of medical science and research: in particular neuroscience and nanomedicine
  3. The doctor-patient relationship

More specifically, with regard to the first theme, the progress of the research concerns the definition of therapeutic fury and the development of interpretative and conceptual lines capable of orienting with impartiality in the vast and confused universe of the so-called advance treatment declarations.

For the second theme, the research group aims at drawing up an "ethical" protocol that could constitute a sort of code of ethics for the most critical issues from a moral point of view, emerging from the two innovative areas of medical research considered: nanomedicine and neuroscience. And this with specific reference to the ethical implications, to the social impact, to communication in the public sphere, having in the background the requests and regulatory indications of the European Community.

As far as the third problem is concerned, the aim is to arrive at an idea of informed consent that is more appropriate to the real nature of the subjects of the doctor-patient relationship and therefore to an interpretation of this relationship that is not paternalistic, but at the same time capable of expressing a reasoned complexity of the doctor-patient relationship of a contractual nature.

ERC Sectors

SH5_1 - Classics, ancient Greek and Latin literature and art

SH5_10 - Cultural studies, cultural diversity

SH5_11 - Cultural heritage, cultural memory

SH5_6 - Philosophy, history of philosophy

Group members

Pia Campeggiani

Associate Professor

Other members

Andrea Battistini

Carlo Galli

Gian Mario Giusto Anselmi

Paolo Vincieri

Michele Ciliberto

Scientific production

The group, which collaborates with other universities and research institutes, in particular with the University of Padua, organizes periodic seminars, also involving young researchers with contracts on the following research projects:

  •  Hysteria, Hypochondria: mental illnesses and description of human nature. The role of animal spirits within the connection between mind and body in the philosophy of early English modernity (Dr. Alessandro Chiessi);
  • Melancholy as a moral experience in ancient Greece (Dr. Pia Campeggiani).