Inference, explanation, and models in sciences

Coordinator: Raffaella Campaner


The research of this group focuses from a theoretical, practical and, partly, historical perspective, on the organic connections existing between philosophical reflections and scientific knowledge, also in relation to the special sciences and technology, and of logic with its specific methods and its applications. Research is carried out with particular reference to the fields of modelling, computation and artificial intelligence, epistemology and representation of knowledge, medicine and social and life sciences, classical and non-classical logics, theory of argumentation and rationality.


  • SH4_13 Philosophy of science, epistemology, logic
  • SH4_7 Reasoning, decision-making; intelligence

Group members

Francesco Bianchini

Associate Professor

Guido Gherardi

Associate Professor

Eugenio Orlandelli

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Daniele Sgaravatti

Associate Professor


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