FILCOM for AlmaClimate

Coordinator - prof. Claudio Coletta

Brief description

The research group “FILCOM for AlmaClimate” aims to contribute to the debate on Climate Change and the Anthropocene from the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) perspective. The Group - composed by scholars from history, philosophy, and sociology – looks at the complexity of the ecological discourse, interacting with Natural Sciences and Engineering (STEM). The group considers such a transdisciplinarity as crucial to understand and address the Climate Crisis. With this commitment, the Group represents the Dept. of Philosophy and Communication at the University of Bologna Inter-Department Centre “AlmaClimate”.

FILCOM for Almaclimate members are active in events and seminars, research projects, experimental teaching activities, and publications involving Climate Change related issues, including: sciences and environment; disasters and resilience; nature-cultures-technologies; time and the Anthropocene; ecology; climate change and infrastructures; ecological transitions.

ERC sectors






Monica Azzolini

Associate Professor

Raffaella Campaner

Full Professor

Paola Govoni

Associate Professor

Manlio Iofrida

Alma Mater Professor

Adjunct professor

Paolo Savoia

Associate Professor

Events, seminars, workshops

Seminar series: “Real-time, long-term, deep time. Timescapes of the Anthropocene and Climate Change in smart urbanism and urban transitions” (2021-)

Research projects

Marie Slodowska Curie Actions, HORIZON 2020 MSCA Global Fellowship INFRATIME: Infrastructuring Time in Smart Urbanism and Urban Transitions. (2020-2023). The project studies the joint governance of urban, digital and climate transitions, adopting a time-based perspective.

Selection of recent publications