AIΩN / AIÓN – Filosofia e Didattica

Principal Investigator – Carlotta Capuccino

Principal Investigator – Sebastiano Moruzzi

Approach and Goals

Interdisciplinary research group on the teaching of philosophy and philosophical practices. The group, coordinated by Carlotta Capuccino and Sebastiano Moruzzi, was born from the synergy between three disciplinary areas (analytical philosophy, ancient philosophy and teaching of philosophy) with the common goal of deepening the topic of didactic innovation for the teaching of philosophy and investigate ways and contents useful for developing new philosophical practices for different ages. It also promotes “third mission” activities aimed at training, school and society, collaborating with the Association FILÒ – Il filo del pensiero.

ERC Panels

  • SH4_12 Philosophy of mind, philosophy of language
  • SH4_14 Teaching and learning
  • SH5_13 History of philosophy
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