TraMe – Center for the Semiotic Study of Memory

TraMe is a research center dedicated to the study of memory in all its dimensions and forms. The Center combines a semiotic approach with an interdisciplinary perspective.

Director: Francesco Mazzucchelli

Scientific Chair: Patrizia Violi (Professor Alma Mater)

Founded by Patrizia Violi in 2009, TraMe is dedicated to the semiotic and interdisciplinary research on memory, with a specific focus on cultural memory and on the relation among Memory Studies and philosophy, history, anthropology, cognitive sciences. The topic of memory is investigated both in its systemic and processual dimension, that is, both looking at the practices of codification, transmission, and preservation of the knowledge and at the modes of representation, communication, and transmission of memory through different forms of textuality and materiality.

The research activities of TraMe concentrate on languages of collective and individual memory in a trans-disciplinary standpoint, aiming at establishing a place to reflect and re-process the central issues at stake in the international scientific debate of Memory Studies.

One of the main research themes of TraMe is Cultural Heritage (tangible and intangible), considered in relation with the processes of auto-representation and of construction of collective identities (and alterities), with cultures and aesthetics of remembering and with the dynamics of negotiation and meaning attribution that fill them.

Another pivotal research theme is the semiotic-communicative analysis of texts, spaces, genres, and representation practices of individual and collective memory in conflict and post-conflict, political violence, and cultural trauma situations. The Center investigates representations, practices and spaces in (and through) which collective traumas are confronted, re-processed, narrated and represented.

Trame is part of a large international network and has received funding for two European projects. TraMe has organized numerous workshops, conferences and events on cultural memory related topics and has produced and supported several publications.

Website is currently under construction.

Executive and Scientific Board

Cristina Demaria

Full Professor

Anna Maria Lorusso

Associate Professor

Francesco Mazzucchelli

Associate Professor

Claudio Paolucci

Full Professor

Maria Patrizia Violi

Alma Mater Professor

Scientific secretery

Mario Panico

Adjunct professor


Alessandra Bonazzi

Full Professor

Roberta Lorenzetti

Associate Professor

Rita Monticelli

Full Professor

Marco Solaroli

Associate Professor

Lucio Spaziante

Associate Professor

Roberto Vecchi

Full Professor

Non-UNIBO Members

Daniele Salerno (Università di Utrecht)

Patrizia Di Luca (Università di San Marino)