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Social studies of science and technology

The Social Studies of Science and Technology cluster deals with the transdisciplinary dynamics related to the production, circulation, use and maintenance of expert knowledge, technological artifacts and sociotechnical infrastructures, also from a long-term perspective.

Such knowledge, artifacts and infrastructures emerge from institutionalized milieus such as Western science and technology, but can also be developed in feminist, indigenous and non-formal contexts. With a famous motto, we like to say that technology and science are society made durable.

At FILCOM, this approach translates into transdisciplinary international research, teaching attentive to students' epistemic forms, and collaborations with the most diverse social actors. Notably, current research and teaching address:

  • Interactions between the natural sciences and the social sciences, also in historical perspective;
  • Sociotechnical aspects of data infrastructures and information systems, including ontologies and interoperability;
  • Ethnographic, digital and mixed methods for the study of the production and use of scientific and technological artifacts;
  • Science and Technology Studies;
  • Governance of and by technology;
  • Gender and social studies of science;
  • Social impact of data infrastructures on populations, society and institutions;
  • Studies on online sociality, including network cultures and digital communities;
  • History, forms and functions of the popularization and communication of science and technology.


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Roberto Brigati

Associate Professor

keywords: philosophy of social sciences, philosophical anthropology, philosophy and psychoanalysis, justice, chronic
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Claudio Coletta

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

keywords: Science and Technology Studies, Climate change, Time Studies, Smart urbanism, large data infrastructure
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Paola Govoni

Associate Professor

keywords: History and Science, technology and society studies (H-STS), Integrated and transdisciplinary studies, Gender and
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Chiara Loschi

Research fellow

Lorenzo Olivieri

PhD Student

Research fellow

keywords: Science and technologies studies, Digital Infrastructures, Migration studies, Philosophy of tecnology
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Annalisa Pelizza

Full Professor

keywords: Science and Technology Studies, Governance by technology, Large-scale data infrastructures, Data management of