Moral philosophy

Issues concerning human agency from a moral, political, social, psychological, and anthropological viewpoint.

Our current research interests include:

- Ancient Greek moral psychology and emotion theory (esp. Plato and Aristotle).

- Philosophical anthropology and  philosophy of anthropology.

- Philosophy of emotion.

- Philosophy of social science (esp. psychology, sociology, and anthropology).

- Pragmatism: ethics and epistemology.

- Theories of modernity: ethics and politics (esp. Machiavelli, Spinoza, and Vico).


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Roberto Brigati

Associate Professor

keywords: philosophy of social sciences, philosophical anthropology, philosophy and psychoanalysis, justice, chronic
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Pia Campeggiani

Associate Professor

keywords: Philosophy of emotion; ancient emotion theory; ancient Greek philosophical psychology (esp. Plato and Aristotle)
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Filippo Del Lucchese

Associate Professor

keywords: Spinoza, Baruch, Machiavelli, Niccolò, Political Philosophy, History of Political Thought from the Renaissance to the
keywords: children, Human Rights, responsibility, Moral Argumentation, torture, black pedagogy, Universalism, Autonomy, violence,
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Lorenzo Vinciguerra

Full Professor