General psychology

General Psychology deals with the competences related to the organization of behavior and the main psychological functions through which individuals interact with the environment and create process representations of the environment and him/herself (perception, emotion, motivation, memory, learning, thinking and reasoning, language and communication).

The main lines of research in the psychological field carried out in the Department are the following:

  • Study of the perceptive-motor processes involved in attention orientation
  • Cognitive ergonomics studies
  • Studies in the embodied perspective of cognition
  • Study of the mechanisms underlying the act of lying and telling the truth
  • Doctor– patient communication
  • Communication in sport setting
  • Communication and visual disability
  • Communication and socialization in family interaction
  • Truth and credibility in the legal setting
  • Empathic communication in direct and mediated interpersonal interactions
  • Communication strategies of mediation and negotiation of conflicts in professional contexts
  • Non-violent communication in micro and macro social contexts
  • Concrete and abstract concepts: words as social tools
  • Acquisition of concepts and sign languages


Stefania D'Ascenzo

Research fellow

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Renata Galatolo

Associate Professor

keywords: Discursive psychology, Conversation analysis, Multimodal communication, Video analysis of interaction, Doctor - patient

Elena Gherri

Associate Professor

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Roberta Lorenzetti

Associate Professor

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Luisa Lugli

Associate Professor

keywords: Cognitve Sciences, Social and Joint Attention, Embodied Cognition, Language processing, Emotion, Identity, Numerical
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Gianluca Marzola

PhD Student

keywords: consciousness, numerical cognition, relativity of consciousness, NNC, mind and cognition in the space-time
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Roberto Nicoletti

Full Professor

keywords: Attention, relationship stimulus-response, Ergonomics, emotion, Motor Control
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Claudia Scorolli

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

keywords: embodiment; grounding of language; conceptual representation; affordances; cultural differences
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Monica Simone

PhD Student

keywords: Instructed Actions; Social Interaction; Paraclimbing; Visual Impairment; Conversation Analysis; Multimodal interaction
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