English language and translation to/from english

This area centres on the metalinguistic analysis of English, in both its synchronic and diachronic dimensions, covering phonetics, morphology, syntax, and lexis, as well as text-linguistic and pragmatic questions. It also includes the study of register variation (in both oral and written language)

The area further extends to translation (written and oral), viewed both as a practice and as reflection on that practice - covering the whole range of text types including non-literary texts (specialised or otherwise) and multimedial applications (especially translation and interpreting, as specified in Article 1 of Law 478 (1984)).

Main research

Enunciation-linked adverbs and adverbial locutions in English: grammaticalised elements realising assertion-linked functions relating to cognitive basis, evidentiality, modal contrast, attribution, distancing etc. Starting from a corpus of examples, the project aims to establish an inventory of relevant elements and to describe their functions. It is intended as a contribution to the study of the linguistics of assertion in English, as well as constituting a step towards the compilation of a practical guide.