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Contemporary history

This area deals with the last two centuries of history, starting from the late eighteenth-century political events that proposed the universal themes of citizenship and self-determination of the peoples (American Revolution and French Revolution).

It pays attention to the historical processes of world interdependence, massification and acceleration of socio-economic growth. As research field aimed at clarifying present times, it focuses on the interweaving of history and memory, on gender history, on political, institutional, religious, socio-cultural and military phenomena. It also includes studies on methodology, historiography and didactics of the contemporary history. In an interdisciplinary perspective, it also contributes to the diachronic analysis of the system of mass communications, observing its evolution in relation to technological developments and political, social and cultural transformations.


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Matteo Pasetti

Associate Professor

keywords: Fascism, Corporatism, 20th Century, Comparative and Transnational History, History Museums, Media and Mass Comunication