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Books and digital objects ontology publishing history and epistemology of reading

Skills of the archival sub-sector concern both the study of the tradition and sorting of archival materials and the study of archives as structures for sorting and preserving handed down material, with particular attention to the rules concerning the selection, rejection and application of the recording techniques of documentary material.

Skills of the bibliography, publishing and librarianship sub-sector concern the history of the tradition of written texts, elaborated or handed down on any support, of their sorting and use; they also concern epistemology, intentionality of reading, social ontology  of documents and the study of design, production, selling, diffusion, information and document conservation as a constituent element of the history of culture and ideas. The sector has a scientific and theoretical characterization that can also be found in the methodological peculiarity of research that takes into account different ontology of the objects of study: the physical reality of documents, the literary one (textual, authoritative, editorial) the conceptual one, the social and economic one, using its own logic.