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The area of Aesthetics encompasses issues addressing competences weaving philosophical reflection on structures of human experience (in particular the question of perception and sensibility) and expressive and taste practices, the specific knowledge provided by different artistic traditions and its epistemic reformulations

The most relevant research lines on aesthetics carried out in our Department are:

  • the current configuration of the aesthetic field and of aesthetic experience;
  • aesthetics as a material analytics (between pragmatism, critical theory and phenomenology);
  • aesthetics and models of the theory of mind;
  • aesthetic thought in German philosophy of the 19th and 20th Century;
  • the philosophical debate on myth and language according to an aesthetic-anthropologic perspective;
  • elements of film aesthetics;
  • art and beauty in Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy;
  • philosophy of tragedy and tragic thought;
  • the role of the aesthetic in Hegel’s philosophy and the issue of the end of art;
  • the relationship between philosophy and literature


keywords: enunciation, semiotics, semiotics of theatre and drama, sociosemiotics, philosophy of language, interpretation,
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Eleonora Caramelli

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

keywords: Hegel, History of Aesthetics, Hermeneutics, Literature, Language
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Gioia Laura Iannilli

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

keywords: - Everyday Aesthetics - Aesthetics of Design and of Experience Design - Aesthetics of Fashion - John Dewey's Aesthetics
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Giovanni Matteucci

Full Professor

keywords: aesthetics, anthropology, structures of experience, phenomenology, contemporary art, theory of perception, Everyday
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Silvia Pieroni

Research fellow

keywords: Aesthetics, history of aesthetics, philosophical hermeneutics, classical German philosophy from Kant to Hegel, Hegel’s
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Lorenzo Vinciguerra

Full Professor