Quality of research and teaching

The constant-improvement -cycle of the System for the Quality Insurance is constituted by four interconnected steps: planning, management, self-evaluation, and improvement.

The System for the Quality Insurance should provide documentable or measurable effects on the improvement process of research, training and third mission as well as, indirectly, on the bureaucratic and managerial activities.

Quality of research

For what concerns the quality of research, the approach mandated by the Presidio di qualità is characterized by the introduction of quality principles at the departmental level: transparency, self-evaluation, sharing of information, accountability of outcomes in terms of indicators and evidentiary facts. The Presidio promotes the culture of quality in order to encourage self-evaluation, as it provides support to the Departments so that they could define research and third-mission objectives, according to their own peculiarities and in line with the goals of the University Strategic Plan.


Single Annual Form of Departmental Research (SUA-RD)

The “Scheda Annuale della Ricerca Dipartimentale” (SUA-RD) aims at collecting information on research and third mission activities and it is handled by the Department in a perspective of self-evaluation. Once a year the form is reviewed in a meeting where then the Department gathers and analyses the qualitative and quantitative information concerning the goals, the organisation, and quality policies of the Department, as well as its research groups. This procedure allows the Department to reason on its own research activities and third mission and the related planning actions. The SUA-RD has been also employed in order to verify research results, in the view of the periodical evaluation and confirmation carried out by ANVUR (National agency for the Evaluation of University and Research).

The Department gives open access to the parts of the SUA-RD that allow students, families, companies and institutions to understand the goals, results and functioning of the Department.

The constant-improvement cycle of the SUA-RD

The Quality Insurance of research and Third Mission:


  • Planning of departmental objectives: Triennial objectives definition for research and Third Mission, in line with the Strategic Plan of the University and provided with relevant indicators (SUA-RD Box A1)
  • Third Mission guidelines: the Department strategy, according to its own specificity (SUA-RD Box I0)


  • Department Organisation (SUA-RD Box B1)
  • Research Groups (SUA-RD Box B1b)
  • AQ management system for research: Tasks and responsibilities for the re-examination; criteria for the resources distribution. (SUA-RD Box B2)


  • Analysis of the results of the monitoring: Thorough self-evaluation (AV) and verification of the triennial goals’ progress (Re-examination SUA-RD Box B3)


  • Definition and areas of improvement: Formulation of areas of intervention arising from the AV (Re-examination SUA-RD Box B3)

Training quality

The quality of training corresponds to the ability to give adequate answer to the expectations of all the subjects who demonstrate interest to the educational offer: students, families and the world of work. This means to put in place goals, tools, actions and systems of verification – both at Department and at  University level– and thus to realise a quality policy able to constantly improve the training offer.

The constant-improvement cycle of the Degree Programme

University strategic and operational guidelines for the realisation, activation and evaluation of the training offer:


  • Degree Programmes Design: Definition of the training demand and the profession profile (SUA-CdS Box A1 and A2), as well as of the educational goals and the learning outcomes (SUA-CdS Box A4 and F)
  • Annual design of educational process, regulations and study plan (SUA-CdS Box A3, A5, B1and planned educational offer)
  • Planning of the resources (SUA-CdS planned educational offer)


  • Organisation of training activities provision (SUA-CdS B2)


  • Analysis of the monitoring results (SUA- CdS Box B6, B7, C1, C2, D Re-examination joint committee report)


  • Definition and realisation of improvement processes (Re-examination SUA-CdS Box D)